lunedì 24 dicembre 2012

Last minute gift!!

These beautiful prints could be a good last-minute gift... or maybe last-second gift

Queste bellissime stampe in vendita online potrebbero essere un ottimo regalo last minute... o forse dovrei dire last second


domenica 23 dicembre 2012

Support Magnus!

Mr. Magnus Walker and his 911 are in nomination for "oldtimer car of the year". So if you have seen his documentary "Urban Outlaw" you know what I'm talking about! If you like his car vote him HERE


Vespa in progress!!

Some work-in-progress pictures from my 83's vespa. 
New look for turnsignals, grips, seats. 
For the seat in particular I chosed a custom version and not the original. 
I love how it looks
Obviously this is a Ducati 750ss seat. I don't think it fit well on a vespa

I've unpainted it complitely

this is the vespa with the primer paint

these are some parts we changed.
we also changed the piston becouse it was damaged when we opened the engine.
A new 75cc Polini

I've repainted the Piaggio's logo with a new colors scheme. It was handmade painted

we painted also the carpet in brown, the same colour of the seat. 
I'm particulary proud of the grips becouse they are a couple of original vespa's grips from 1979. I've founded them in a old local  motorbike store preserved in the original box. Unfortunately i lost the picures of the grips in box whit my last cellphone   

We need to fix the tachimeter couse the one we have doesn't work.
Stay tuned for news...

Iphone's quality pictures.. sorry!